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Get the best agriculture goods like Mulching Film Roll, Mulching Paper, etc.

About Us

In agriculture, mulching is the method of covering the soil or ground in order to improve plant growth, development and crop production efficiency and the products related to it are provided by our company, Srujan Agro Plast Pvt Ltd. Since the year 2021, we have been a premier manufacturer, supplier, trader and producer of UV stabilized mulching films which suit the exact requirements of farmers in the production of various crops during different seasons. Our products like Mulching Film Roll, Mulching Paper, etc., are made from high quality virgin material and are recognized for their great strength, as well as having all of the required attributes to aid crop development when used in conjunction with right soil management. Additionally, our products are economically priced so that farmers can easily afford them.


Planning is the utmost important phase that a business must have before heading forward. At our company, we conducted considerable market research and found a number of aspects that should be included in our planning process, such as the following:

  • To give our customers with the greatest quality agricultural goods.
  • To ensure that each manufactured batch is subjected to the most stringent quality checks before being shipped to clients.
  • To smartly regulate our finances so that they can contribute to the long-term sustainability of our business. 
  • To keep researching the most recent developments taking place in the agriculture sector in order to improve our product assortment.
  • To continue to retain each & every clients that gets engaged with our company.

Our Team

All of the activities in our company are carefully overseen by our multi-talented team of professionals. Our personnel are put to the test on a lot of aspects, including their knowledge, abilities, and professionalism. Members of the team are allocated positions and duties in the organization based on their skills, which they excel at. Our team is in control of producing a high-quality range of agriculture goods including Mulching Paper, Mulching Film Roll, and others. The team also ensures that each batch of products is tested to determine whether it satisfies the best quality specifications. In addition, our team has also succeeded in ensuring that all client requests are addressed within the stipulated time period.
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